Payday Loans as a serious alternative to financing for all

Since 2008, Spaniards have had more difficulties in obtaining financing, due to the crisis that the country is going through. Although we have already reached the relative economic stability in which we find ourselves today, those of us who work on our own account is one of the sectors in which it is harder for us to obtain loans. The entities of the sector do not finish daring to open the tap and, for this reason, to obtain financing the self-employed we must resort to other alternatives, such as mini-credits. These products allow us to have liquidity instantly to face specific expenses.

There’s always hope

It is quite evident that those who work for others find it easier to get personal loans than those who do not. The main reason is the regularity of the income, as well as its reliability. If we are self-employed, it is possible that our billing is not fixed every month, but rather that it moves according to external factors.

But here we do not have to end our financing possibilities as self-employed, but there are still several loan models that we can certainly take advantage of. The most basic is, without a doubt, the mini credits, with which we will obtain several hundred euros in just 15 minutes. Now, they are quite more expensive.

Payday loans are very fast products, so they can help us get out of urgent economic situations in which we find ourselves or cover unforeseen events- payday application form

Purposes that we can give minicréditos

Microloans are somewhat particular products since they have low amounts and very short repayment periods, which generally revolve around 30 days, although there are companies that extend the amortization period up to two months. Therefore, this financing for self-employed workers will only be useful for certain purposes, although they will always depend on the sector in which our work activity is focused:

  • Repair the material or machinery of our facilities.
  • Pay invoices or receipts that we could not foresee.
  • To have the immediate liquidity to continue with our work, in case our income is delayed.
  • Make small investments on those specific dates in which we have more work than usual.

This method of financing for freelancers is very useful to solve specific situations, but it should never be used as a substitute for regular income since the cost of these mini-credits is high. In addition, before requesting them we must be sure that we can return them because if we do not do it, we will apply some extra interest for delay.

When can we resort to financing for self-employed workers?

We can only ask for funding for the self-employed if we really have regular, sufficient and justifiable income. Although it is not a fixed payroll that we receive monthly in our account, the financial entities need that we can show them that we are sufficiently solvent to return the money that they grant us.

One of the positive aspects of the mini-credits is that the financiers will never ask us the reason why we want the money, so we can literally use them for the purpose that we want. Although, as we have already mentioned, it is not advisable to ask for them if we are not in an urgent situation since they are expensive products.