Tips to eat well and save money

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Eating well and saving money is the sum of several very easy habits to implement in your daily life. It is so easy that you will not realize that you are one of the most intelligent people, without financial worries and perfectly well fed.

Not doing it has two consequences that, in the long run, can be very important:

  • Health problems: 6 out of 10 Mexicans do not worry about taking care of their health or eating a balanced diet. Not having space in your agendas and not feeling motivated are the main reasons.

    With the passage of time, this ends up irremediably affecting their health, which translates into diseases such as hypertension and obesity, which in turn could “unleash” others such as diabetes.

  • Economic problems: in our country, 40% of people eat unprepared food at home at least three times a week.

    This, although seeing it per week does not represent a greater expense, it is an “ant expense”, which, combined with others, can destabilize your finances or simply be a burden to which you end up adapting.

With this in mind, in our article we will share some tips so that you know how to feed yourself well so you can save money; In addition, we will tell you what other benefits you will obtain by doing so.

1.- Prepare your own food

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Perhaps the most difficult habit to acquire, since the preparation starts from entering the supermarket to look for the ingredients until you cook them; Many people find it annoying to devote part of their weekend to this.

Saving and eating healthy are not opposites, you can be creative, learn to enjoy more food and without spending much. In addition, you have the benefit of knowing how each dish is prepared, which will prevent you from consuming the saturated fats with which you cook in the street stalls.

We know, cheap kitchens or the famous fast food are the most convenient option, but make numbers, those daily or weekly expenses are more expensive than making your super list, buy what you need and prepare it.

2.- Be careful when you go to the super


If you decided to help and start cooking your own food, take into account these tips:

  • Do not go to the super that is in the corner of your house just because it is the closest one. Give yourself the opportunity to go to several and compare prices; saving you 2 or 3 pesos per product can make a difference in a year.
  • Before leaving home make a list only with what you need, if you do not take it, besides being able to forget something, you give yourself the opportunity to walk through corridors that you should not, in which you could find an item that you do not need and you can finish buying it
  • It may seem like a joke, but no. Do not go to the super if you have not eaten, this can cause you to make the famous “shopping for cravings” and acquire products that damage your health and portfolio.

3.- Go to the markets

We know that there are several products that can only be bought in supermarkets, but there are others that should be bought in those markets that are placed once a week almost everywhere.

For example, the chicken, fish or meat of a market has the same quality as in any supermarket and would cost much less, the same applies to fruits.

In this last case, get used to buying seasonal fruits. Why? Well, have you noticed that there is much more expensive fruit than another? That is because, not being harvested at that time, it is more difficult to achieve and therefore, more expensive.

4.- Replaces junk food

4.- Replaces junk food

If you are used to eating something before lunch, a good option is to buy a fruit or yogurt for each day of the week and thus avoid the “combo de papitas”, which, in addition to expensive in the long term , it’s bad for your health.

It is surprising how much you save by changing the sandwiches for fruit or vegetables, you could prepare them in a different way and have them ready in the refrigerator.

On the other hand, although a soft drink is not expensive, you can avoid it by drinking water and especially tea; a single tea bag can help you flavor three liters of water.

5.- Do not spend on meals at work

Another way to save while eating healthy is to bring food from home to the office. Sometimes you spend a lot of money eating out and many times the options to choose on the street are not the healthiest.

After a busy day of work, the last thing you want is to get to cook, so, a tip is that you do it on weekends, especially on Sunday, so that your food stays for longer.

Another tip is that, when you cook, prepare three or four times more than the amount you would eat, that “leftover” freeze and use it with the week, so you will save hours of work.

6.- Sacrifice one day the red meat

Not all meals should have meat, which is often the most expensive when making the super. Go ahead and eliminate any meat (especially beef) once a week, not only save money but also gain health.

There are many cheaper options to consume protein without using meat, such as beans, lentils, rice or chickpeas.

By eating cereals and legumes you consume good quality protein, similar to meat and at a low cost, which injects energy for your body to perform equally.

What will you earn by following these tips?

In addition to the economic and health, there are many other reasons to eat healthy, which directly influence your lifestyle and that of your family.

Here we show you some:

  • Healthy eating can prevent depression and improve mood.

    A study conducted by the University of Eastern (Finland), noted that a diet that includes vegetables, fruits, grains, chicken and fish, is associated with a lower prevalence of depressive symptoms.

  • If you eat well you will be giving a good example to your children and you will help them to prevent childhood obesity, which is a serious problem in our country.

    A child who has an adequate weight will feel more integrated to society, since the extra kilos can produce feelings of guilt in both children and adults.

    In addition, obesity in general is associated with problems of self-esteem and behavior, which in turn is related to bullying, for example.

  • Normally, people who eat a balanced diet also incorporate physical exercise into their daily or weekly routine.

    Doing sports, especially if you do a team, will allow you to be in contact with other people, something vital to feel good and to avoid problems such as stress.

    On the other hand, physical activity helps you think more clearly, have more energy and be more productive at work, at home or during leisure time.

  • The quality of food is directly related to the decrease of suffering from diseases such as cancer or diabetes.

    The diet rich in fruits and vegetables, which are powerful antioxidants, delay cellular aging and strengthen the immune system.

Eating healthy brings many advantages (economic, emotional, health, etc), so it is important to raise awareness so that as soon as you put into practice the lifestyle that, without exaggeration, will make you a better person.